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    I am a 2x Amazon best-selling author, speaker and self-publishing coach who helps Five-Fold Ministers plant the seeds of confidence, harvest their self-faith and clarify their life’s vision so that they can birth faith based businesses that serve, scale and succeed. 

    Also known as The Spiritual Midwife, I have taught hundreds of ministers how to birth their purpose and monetize their God ordained talents and acquired skill set by building successful faith-based businesses. 

    From coaching women on how to launch membership communities to providing hopeful entrepreneurs with the foundational tools to build profitable businesses, I continue to answer the call to assist fellow ministers in pursuing profit-generating, purpose-driven paths.

     My own blossoming stemmed from a divine moment in 2011 that drove me away from the roads of hardship – $100K in debt, a foreclosed home and car repossession despite my having a good yet unfulfilling government job – and steered me straight into my own profitable faith-based business that allows me to live the emotionally, spiritually and financially free life that I have always dreamed of. 

    I am a renowned speaker and two-time best-selling Amazon author of 30 Days to Increased Faith: Increase Your Faith, Attract Gods Attention and Achieve Your Dreams and coauthor of the I RISE: Living Beyond the Bruises anthology.
    I have a bachelor’s degree in Management and a master’s degree in Theology, I deliver soul-stirring sermons, workshops and on line bible study courses that wash away the muddy waters of hesitation and self-doubt, all so the divinely inspired can pave the path to passion and purpose. 

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