30 Day Daily Journal Template Bundle (Total of 4)

Reverend Rita M. Henderson 
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There are a total of 4 Journal Template themes included: Love, Business, Personal and Brand.

Use these fully formatted journal templates to create a journal for your brand, business and/or ministry.

This template will cut your journal creation time by hours allowing you to go from idea to income in half the time.

Template Feature Includes:

Daily prompts

Area for daily motivational quotes, affirmations, or scriptures

Lined Space for Journaling

150 Pages

Formatted and ready for print to a 6x9 book and compatible with all self-publishing platforms

Full editing capabilities in Word

Replaceable background watermark

Included with this purchase is email support should you have questions about the template email us at info@5foldpublishing.com.

This product is not currently for sale.

30 Day Daily Journal Template Bundle (Total of 4)

0 ratings