Woman of Value and The Holy Spirit by Evangelist Deborah Aguilera Aguilar

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Woman of Value and The Holy Spirit by Evangelist Deborah Aguilera Aguilar

Reverend Rita M. Henderson 
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Do you want to have a deeper connection with God?

Would you like to efficiently communicate with the Holy Spirit and start your day the right way?

This journal will help you do exactly that!

Communication with God is the foundation of Christianity and we should do all we can to make this connection as effortless and as seamless as we can. Some find this easy to achieve but for others it is a more difficult path and this can lead to frustration and even a loss of faith in some instances. Luckily, there is help at hand and ways in which you can improve your interaction with the Holy Spirit.

This 30 day journal, Woman of Value and the Holy Spirit, has been devised to help you to make your relationship with God much stronger, through simply yet effectively:

 Encouraging you to seek different ways of communication

 Inspiring you to keep trying

 Teaching the most effective methods of contact

 Starting your day the right way

 Improving your understanding of God’s plan for you

 Giving hope where it was once lost

 And more…

Specifically designed to encourage and uplift women Woman of Value and the Holy Spirit is a journal that will help you to change and ultimately improve your relationship with God through its humble and uncomplicated ideas, giving you the hope and belief that may have been lost for a time.

Click I want this! for a copy now and change the way you communicate with God today!

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